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  • Cloud Web Hosting

    Make it simple. Keep everything secure and in sync!

    Cloud web hosting is something relatively new to the hosting space and most people don't really know what cloud hosting really is. At Cloud Web Worx, we will teach you all there is to know and understand about cloud hosting.

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  • Custom Built Servers & PC's

    Custom solutions for home, office or business!

    A custom built computer or server will last you longer and actually cost you less. None of these trial software or low quality cheap components that will degrade your systems performance

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  • Solve your storage problem

    Be in charge of your data, store it on your own server!

    Only ownCloud combines the simplicity of Dropbox with the management and security of enterprise-grade software. ownCloud is flexible, open and extensible, and uses on-premise storage or your current web host to put file sync and share control back into your hands.

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  • New Generation Linux Server

    Why spend a fortune on Windows server when you can get so much more for so much less!

    Exceptionally reliable and easy to use, powered by a secure Linux platform that's fully upgradeable and customizable to suit any industry requirements.

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Choose Your Web Hosting Plan


    • 1 Domain
    • 5000MB Storage
    • 5000MB Traffic
    • 5 mailboxes
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    • 5 Domains
    • 10000MB Storage
    • 10000MB Traffic
    • 10 Mailboxes
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    • 10 Domains
    • 50000MB Storage
    • 50000MB Traffic
    • 50 Mailboxes
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cPanel Reseller

    • Unlimited Domains
    • Unlimited Storage
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • Unlimited Mailboxes
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All Prices are based on a yearly subscription.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Computing

What is cloud website hosting really? The word 'cloud' seems to be very modern in today's information technology, Internet and hosting terms. In spite of that, only a select few in fact know what cloud hosting is. Perchance it is a sensible idea to educate yourself about cloud website hosting services. To make a very lengthy story succinct, we will first tell you what cloud hosting is not.

Cloud Website Hosting is Not Confined to a Remote Disk Storage Exclusively.

Furnishing a remote data storage solution, which involves one single disk storage tool for all clients, does not convert any particular hosting company into an authentic cloud website hosting vendor. The cPanel hosting distributors dub the ability to furnish remote disk storage solutions a cloud website hosting solution. Up until now there is nothing wrong with the cloud classification, but... we are talking about hosting solutions, not remote disk storage services for individual or business needs. There's constantly one "but", isn't there? It's not sufficient to name a shared web hosting service, based on a one-single-server web hosting platform, a "cloud website hosting" solution. That's because the other parts of the whole hosting platform must be working in exactly the same way - this does not apply solely to the remote disk storage. The rest of the services involved in the whole web hosting procedure also must be remote, isolated and "clouded". And that's extremely problematical. A very small number of hosting companies can really accomplish it.

It Involves Domain Names, E-mailboxes, Databases, File Transfer Protocols, Control Panels, etc.

Cloud website hosting is not confined to a remote data storage solely. We are discussing a web hosting service, serving multiple domains, sites, email addresses, etc., right? To call a hosting service a "cloud website hosting" one requires a lot more than delivering solely remote file storage mounts (or maybe physical servers). The mail server(s) have to be devoted exclusively to the mail related services. Doing nothing else than these concrete procedures. There might be only one single or perchance a whole group of mail servers, determined by the overall server load produced. To have a real cloud website hosting service, the remote database servers should be operating as one, irrespective of their real quantity. Carrying out nothing else. The same is valid for the users' web hosting CPs, the File Transfer Protocol, and so on.

There are Cloud Domain Name Servers (DNSs) as well.

The DNSs (Domain Name Servers) of a true cloud website hosting supplier will support multiple data center sites on different continents.

Here's an illustration of a DNS of a real cloud website hosting distributor:


If such a DNS is supplied by your hosting solutions provider, it's not a guarantee that there is a cloud web hosting environment in use, but you can absolutely be certain when you discern a Domain Name Server such as the one beneath:


This sort of DNS only reveals that the web hosting environment in use is one-single-server based. Possibly it's cPanel. cPanel is a one-server web hosting platform and maintains a market share of more than ninety eight percent. In cPanel's case, one single server takes care of all hosting services (web, electronic mail, DNS, databases, FTP, web hosting Control Panel(s), files, etc.).

Remote File Storage - The Distorted Description of Cloud Website Hosting.

So, a cloud website hosting service is not limited just to a remote file storage service, as lots of web hosting service providers wish it was. Unluckily for them, if that was the case, most of the file web hosting distributors would have been classified as cloud web hosting ones long ago! They are not referred to as such, because they merely distribute file web hosting services, not cloud web hosting services. The file hosting platform seems really very simple, in comparison with the web hosting platform. The remote disk storage platform is not a cloud web hosting platform. It cannot be, because it's simply one simple constituent of the whole cloud web hosting platform. There's plenty more to be discovered in the cloud hosting platform: the web hosting CP cloud, the database clouds (MySQL, PostgreSQL), the DNS cloud, the FTP cloud, the e-mail cloud and... in the upcoming future, possibly a bunch of brand new clouds we currently are not aware of will spring up out of the blue.

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